My take on: Organika’s Hawiian Templeh


Today I’m starting something new on the blog, I’m sharing my easy way to replicate delicous restaurant dishes/ ways to simply existing recipes. One of my goals for this blog is to demonstrate that you can save money by making  easy and healthy recipes yourself! Today I’m going to share my take on dish I recently tried Organika in Westport, CT. Organika has a wonderful vegan menu and the dish that I decided to try there was the Hawiian Templeh, which is a brown rice bowl with pineapple glazed tempeh, red chili’s, scallions, kale and red beans. The flavor combination of the sweet pineapple sauce, kale and red beans really worked well together.  Below is my take on the Hawiian Templeh using 5 grain tempeh & pineapple salsa from Trader Joe’s.
Serving size: 2


1 1/2 cup of cooked  trader Joe’s riced cauliflower or 1 cup of brown rice

1/2 cup of red beans

1/2 cup of sautéed kale

1/2 cup of tempeh cut into small pieces

1/2 cup of Trader Joe’s pineapple salsa

1/4 cup of trader Joe’s fire roasted peppers


1. Sauté kale until cooked through with a little coconut oil and vegetable broth. On trader Joe’s kale there is cooking instructions, which I tried to follow.

2. Cut tempeh into small chunks.

3. Add tempeh and frozen roasted peppers to pan and cook until heated through and then add cooked rice, sautéed kale, red beans and pineapple salsa.

4. Cook for 2-4 minutes until cooked through

5. Serve warm 



Happy National S’mores Day!

In honor of national s’mores day I decided to share five delicious sweet treats:

  1. S’mores Cupcakes – Picture & Recipe courtesy of: spoonfulofflavor


2. Giant S’mores Cookie, Picture & Recipe courtesy of: Smells like home

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 7.51.14 PM

3. S’mores Pot De Crème, Picture & Recipe courtesy of: Bakin’ Bit


4. S’mores Bites, Picture & Recipe courtesy of: The First Year Blog


5. Mocha S’mores Brownie Cake, Picture & Recipe courtesy of: Coffee & Champagne

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 7.59.46 PM



Crazy about: Blood Orange

Whenever I see blood oranges in the grocery stor the color of the oranges is so strikingly beautiful that i’m always tempted to make a cocktail or bake  something with them  so I decided to share some yummy blood orange cocktail  and mini bites recipes.

1.Blood Orange Pie Bites, Picture + Recipe from: Chocolate Moosey


2. Blood Orange Mini Muffins, Recipe +  Picture from:


3.No Bake Blood Orange Cheesecake Tartlets, Recipe + Picture from: Pass The Cocoa


4. Blood Orange Mint Mojito, Recipe + Picture from: Chef Savvy  enhanced-743-1463350759-8

5. Blood Orange Moscow Mule, Recipe + Picture from: Blahnik Baker


6. Blood Orange Sangria, Recipe + Picture from: