Favorite Trader Joe’s Sauces… 

It’s no secret I’m completely obsessed with Trader Joe’s so today I wanted to share some of my go to Trader Joe’s sauces!


Red Curry Sauce

This sauce is great marinade  on fish, I have used on tilapia and is great on veggies and I used in the red curry shrimp soup as well. Click here to view the Indian meals and bites recipes featuring Trader Joe’s red curry sauce

Peanut Satay Sauce – 

 peanut sauce is the best. Pra ram chicken is one of my go to Thai take out dishes and I absolutely love Thai chicken pizza. The peanut satay sauce is also great of use for ground turkey lettuce wraps. Check out  blog post for recipe ideas

Arrabiata Sauce –

This is an awesome tomato sauce. I love that the sauce has a little bit of a kick. I used the sauce for all the sauce for all the recipes in the Italian Meals & Bites blog post.

Enchilada Sauce –

 I made enchiladas for the first time back in college and I thought using precooked rotisserie chicken was the trick to making easy and delicious enchiladas, but it turns out I discovered another trick, using Trader Joe’s Enchilada sauce! Click here for meal & bites recipes using Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce.




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Sweet & Savory Bites

I'm 28 year olds and live in NYC. Through this blog I hope to share delicious recipes that are easy and inexpensive to make.

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